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Water Tai Chi Qi Gong 

A great addition for senior facilities and retirement living facilities. Enhance your programs and expand your selection of classes while creating a new phase of mindful healthfulness. Tapping into his 40 years of training and teaching, Sifu Perez created "Water Tai Chi Chuan", an innovative approach to this classical therapeutic exercise. After teaching people throughout the years and noticing that some of them have balance issues. Also, living in Arizona where there is already a popular scene of seniors doing other forms of water workouts. Sifu Perez has taken the traditional movements of his Tai Chi workout and modified them to create a smooth work out routine that is equally as fun to learn as it is to do.

Doing Tai Chi in the water setting takes away any possibility of falling and injuring oneself by using the neutralizing buoyancy of the water to help maintain balance. Water Tai Chi  follows along the natural vision of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is sometimes described as moving like water. Flowing like a stream and rolling movements like ocean waves.This method also takes the pressure off the joints. As the body is in a light state of bouyency. Combining the Tai Chi movements with the relaxing effects of Moving meditation. Using the same guiding principles as tai chi and Qi gong exercises. This unique Workout frees the individual more to feel the benefits of the workout. If you have a Swimming pool available Sifu Perez program will enhance you offering and help those involved to get a new exciting view of Tai Chi. 

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