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Tai Chi Training

Tai Chi Training and Beyond

Welcome to Dynamic Martial Arts Tai Chi Fitness & Wellness Center. A distinct fitness studio located in Phoenix with tai chi and martial arts classes offered live and online (via ZOOM) . Designed for all fitness levels and age groups.



    Tai Chi Ruler 20 Step Routine

1.    Dai Mai Mo Han Gong

       Belt meridian  f/r

2.    Ruo Qiu Gong rolling ball f/r

3.    Wu Xing Gong-Vertical Circle in front of        torso (10 major organs) f/r

4.    Chiu Ji Tian Mo Di\ Beginning Tai Chi-          Reach Heaven Touch Earth

5.    Yao Bai  Bang/Nuan Bang-Rocking ruler (side to           side) pendulum 

6.     A) 2 Hands Press to Heaven/ Twin Dragons Wrap Around the Post                     7.    B) Tui Shan-Push the Mountain                    (Middle).                                                8.    C) Retrieve the Moon from the Sea/ Search the pond for ther Shadow of the Moon (lower) ( hold caps)

9.     Tswai Bang-Split the Mountain 

10.   Qiao Bang -Strike the Bell (rt side                   switching feet lft side)

11.     Jiao Bang -Stir the Pot

12.   Dou Qi- Wave- Side Tilt

13.   Yingjao Da Li Gong- Eagle Claw Twist 

14.   Tui Bang (push)-3 directions

15.   Forward  circle toward corners  l/r f.  f           for/rev

15.   Saan Dan Chai Qi.  

16.   Tree sticking out of the Forest                       Reaching Outward chest high

17.   Mo Pan Gong-Turn Behind Waist f/r

18.   Rolling Rice Paper Scroll Back and              Forth

19.   Rolling Up Window Shade

19.   Xin Ni Kai Hua.   Fairy Princess Bows to the Pond

20. Jin Ji Dou Ling Golden Rooster Shakes its Wings

21.   Rhinoceros Look at the Moon

22.   Grasping the Birds Tail

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